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About Point Break Recovery

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Addiction can be difficult and overwhelming, like non-stop waves of chaos. Trying to navigate it on your own may be exhausting and even dangerous. Point Break Recovery’s addiction treatment center understands that addiction is a complex issue that requires compassion and understanding. As your beacon in the storm, we provide personalized, comprehensive care to ensure the best possible recovery outcomes making our addiction therapy program a top choice.

We believe building strong relationships between client and provider is essential for lasting recovery. Our multifaceted approach to treatment uses evidence-based practices and combines them with holistic modalities. We treat the entire person, not just the addiction. Contact our addiction treatment center at 805.889.9662 today to learn more about Point Break Recovery.

About Point Break Recovery

We are located in Ventura, CA, a city renowned for its beaches and natural beauty. We are close to Surfer’s Point, a popular spot for surfing and windsurfing. Ventura’s peaceful, healing vibes help clients focus on their recovery, free from distractions. Our comprehensive care treats the mind, body, and spirit to enhance quality of life and well-being throughout each client’s recovery journey. At Point Break Recovery, we offer more than just addiction treatment. We strive to be innovative while creating a supportive, welcoming community that provides resources for clients, their families, and loved ones. We want everyone who enters our doors to feel supported and enjoy a healthier, more fulfilling life long after treatment.

Our Mission

Helping people ride the waves of recovery for lasting wellness.

Our Services

At Point Break Recovery, we provide treatment and therapy for individuals struggling with substance misuse and addiction. We offer a range of addiction treatment programs tailored to meet the needs of each person’s unique situation:

  • Detox – Medical detox to manage withdrawal symptoms and support the body during the healing process
  • Residential – 24/7 residential care with comprehensive therapies and activities
  • Aftercare – Long-term follow-up care to sustain sobriety and promote healthy habits

Often, detox is the first step in healing from addiction. From there, a client usually moves on to our residential program. No matter what stage of recovery you are in, we’re here for you.

Therapies Offered

People often self-medicate trauma and mental health issues with substances. That is why healing deep-rooted pain and issues is essential when treating addiction.

Point Break Recovery offers a wide range of individual and group addiction therapy programs to meet the needs of each client:

  • Cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) – Focuses on identifying destructive thought patterns and replacing them with healthier ones
  • Dialectical behavior therapy (DBT) – Addresses issues with emotion regulation
  • Trauma therapy – Helps people process and heal from past trauma
  • Experiential and adventure therapy – Allows clients to explore and express themselves through activities such as surfing, movement, and wilderness therapy
  • Family therapy – Allows families to heal from the effects of addiction and work through their struggles together
  • Group therapy – Connects clients and helps to create a sense of community
  • Massage therapy – Offers relaxation and stress relief
  • Meditative therapy – Helps clients develop mindfulness and stress reduction techniques
  • Person-centered therapy – Helps clients explore their emotions and make positive changes
  • Psychotherapy – Identifies unhelpful behaviors and provides coping strategies
  • Relapse prevention therapy – Teaches clients how to recognize and cope with cravings and triggers

At Point Break Recovery, we believe in treating the whole person. We provide the tools clients need to achieve lasting recovery. The aim is to help you regain control of your life and enjoy a brighter future.

Learn More About Point Break Recovery

Addiction is complex but treatable. Point Break Recovery is dedicated to helping individuals overcome substance use disorders and related mental health issues. We create an environment of trust where people can safely work towards achieving sobriety without fear or judgment.

If you or someone you know needs help, please contact Point Break Recovery at 805.889.9662 or online. We are here to help you navigate the rocky waves of addiction and experience the smooth, healing waters of lasting recovery. It’s what everyone deserves.