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Addiction Therapy Programs

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Happy woman in a one-on-one counseling session in an addiction therapy programTherapy has long been an essential part of the addiction recovery process. Point Break Recovery provides addiction therapy programs for those seeking to overcome depression and anxiety. These mental health concerns are often underlying causes of substance use disorders. Through individual therapy, group therapy, and family counseling, clients can gain insight into their addiction and learn invaluable coping mechanisms.

At Point Break Recovery, anyone can achieve sobriety through addiction treatment and therapy programs. We are committed to giving our clients the tools to make positive life changes and break free from substance use disorders. Contact us at 805.889.9662 today if you or someone you care about is looking for addiction therapy programs in Ventura, CA. Together, we can help you ride the waves of recovery into lasting wellness.

Our Addiction Therapy Programs

There is no one-size-fits-all approach to treating addiction. We strive to ensure our clients receive individualized care to overcome their struggles. We offer the following addiction therapies to help individuals.

Psychotherapy: CBT and DBT

We offer various psychotherapy services, including cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) and dialectical behavior therapy (DBT). These evidence-based therapies encourage individuals to identify and change negative thought patterns and behaviors that lead to depression and anxiety. These mental health issues often co-occur with substance use disorders.

CBT helps people understand how their thoughts influence their feelings and actions. DBT emphasizes learning ways to cope with stressors, regulate emotions, and improve interpersonal skills. Both forms of therapy can be beneficial for addressing mental health concerns such as anxiety and depression.

Anxiety Treatment

We understand that anxiety is a common symptom of addiction. We strive to provide the best care possible for clients struggling with both issues. Our anxiety treatment center offers an array of specialized therapies and treatments designed to help individuals recover from substance use disorders while also dealing with the underlying issues causing anxiety. Our treatment plans may incorporate evidence-based interventions such as cognitive-behavioral therapy and dialectical behavior therapy.

Depression Treatment

Depression and addiction often go hand in hand. That’s why the clinical team in our depression treatment center helps clients identify the root causes of their mental health issues and develop strategies to cope with their symptoms. With evidence-based therapies such as CBT and DBT, our experienced professionals can help reduce symptoms of depression and minimize the risk of relapse.

Experiential and Adventure Therapy

Our experiential and adventure therapy programs offer an effective way for those in addiction recovery to gain a new perspective on life. By navigating challenging physical activities and environments, clients can confront their fears and anxieties. This process may be vital in their recovery journey.

Through adventure therapy, individuals can identify the root causes of destructive behaviors and develop strategies for self-management and coping. In addition, it can:

  • Build trust between participants
  • Foster interpersonal connections
  • Promote mindfulness practices that facilitate healing

The unique combination of physical activity, nature immersion, and group dynamics encourages clients to explore healthier ways of thinking while having fun outdoors. By getting out of the traditional clinical setting and into natural surroundings, individuals can gain the tools to move forward in recovery.

Group and Family Therapy

Group and family therapy are two important parts of addiction treatment programs at Point Break Recovery. Family and group sessions help clients:

  • Establish healthy relationships with loved ones and peers
  • Navigate situations soberly
  • Build upon their existing support system

Group therapy allows individuals to share their experiences, form bonds of trust, and receive feedback from fellow participants. Family therapy helps families gain insight into their loved ones’ struggles, repair broken relationships, and practice communication. Both group and family therapy can help clients cope with anxiety and depression and achieve better outcomes in their recovery journey. 

Other Therapies

Additionally, Point Break Recovery offers therapies to help clients feel more comfortable during recovery. The following therapies can assist with managing mental health issues such as anxiety and depression and staying sober long-term:

  • Massage therapy – Enhances stress relief and relaxation during recovery
  • Meditative therapy – Helps clients develop stress reduction and mindfulness techniques
  • Person-centered therapy – Allows individuals to make positive changes by exploring their emotions
  • Relapse prevention therapy – Teaches clients how to recognize triggers and cope with cravings to avoid a relapse
  • Trauma therapy – Helps people process past traumas and heal

Our therapists and counselors are specially trained in addiction. These professionals are motivated to help clients achieve lasting recovery through evidence-based treatment methods in our addiction therapy programs.

Find Addiction Therapy Programs in Ventura at Point Break Recovery

If you or someone you know struggles with depression or anxiety and substance use issues, contact Point Break Recovery today. Our addiction therapy programs can provide the help and guidance you need to fight your battle against addiction and start your journey toward the life you deserve. Call 805.889.9662 or complete our online form to learn how we can guide you into the calm waters of sobriety and healing.